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about us
General health care company is a specialized investment company in the management and operation of medical facilities which now has many medical facilities are also run by the city of Dammam has started to provide medical services in 1985 and from these facilities (General Care Hospital 1 , General Care Hospital 2 and General Care dispensary )

Our belief in entitlement rights in the treatment been interested in the human side of the business side.

General care hospital provides the highest medical standards of care in all medical specialties, such as internal medicine, general surgery, cardiology, gynecology and childbirth, pediatric, nose, ear and throat, ophthalmology, urology and surgery, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, dental brain and neurology, dentistry, orthopedics ……

All medical departments supported by private pharmacy along with the latest tools and diagnostic laboratories

Doctors and nurses Consultants, and a high degree of training and experience to work in accordance with the standards and international quality management system. We are committed to the best medical standards, excellence and expertise in the field of medical care, the latest tools.

Hospital administered by the comprehensive medical care of the parent company, which manages all establishments of the health sector company (dispensary General care , General care hospital 1,General care hospital 2).

The company also receives all wishing to join the labor demands and that they have available scientific and practical terms and in accordance with the highest international standards in the health sector in order to maintain the high level of performance and quality required the company has adopted an integrated system for training and continuing education for qualified our hospital staff, a high degree of education and medical disciplines.

Applicants will be contacted and interviewed appointed in accordance with their experience and skills of professional and social.