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Our goal
Convenience for the Patient GCH1 primary goal is to deliver First Class Medical Services and Preventive well-being to the people of the Region……. Upon the creation of a High End Hospital Brand, GCH1 will achieve market leadership in the private healthcare sector, especially in "secondary care PLUS"-Services.

GCH1 will be certified by the Joint Commission which will ensure the setup of all necessary standards and processes for quality services.

In order to achieve these ambitious and challenging goals, within a reasonable period, GCH1 modern Policy is set upon two pillars: corporate identity and continuous staff development.

With this in mind, GCH1 works hard to ensure that its commitment to continuous improvement is acted upon. Foremost, it benchmarks itself against key international standards, but it also has a range of departments, policies, and protocols in place.

In addition we will assure that: 

  • Key Positions will be assigned to staff from forming a dedicated Management Team.
  • Highly committed doctors and international nurses will be hired.
  • Key personnel will be permanently present six months prior the opening of the Hospital.
  • Extensive training and simulation will take place during the pre-opening phase for all the staff.