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General Care Hospital 1 One of three medical facilities owned and operated by General Health Care Co., Ltd. They (Dispensary , General Care Hospital 1, and General Care Hospital 2) GCH1 IS a tertiary care hospital for all specialties located in Dammam – Saudi Arabia with 100 bed capacity distributed all over seven floors supported with full range of sophisticated medical and diagnostic facilities plus complete basement floor all under one roof of established total quality management supported with 40 outpatient clinics and critical care areas hospital and it’s facilities under construction expected to be launched into operation by the end of year 2016. Allocation of inpatient facilities all over the floors

First floor
Emergency unite which is completely fitted with 3 treating rooms , two resuscitation room and one operation theatre for minor surgeries with complete nursing stations quite enough for capacity of 6 six beds

Second floor
Delivery area fitted with three labor room with capacity of 6 beds , one ob/gy operating theatre for major operation , pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) quit enough for 8 eight beds and complete NEO NATAL ICU with capacity of 4 beds

Third floor
two operating theatre area for major operations with it,s related recovery area quite enough for 5 beds Attached with complete intensive care unit with capacity of 12 beds all fitted with the latest and updated facilities in ICU area according to the well known standards and patient safety

Inpatient area
Floors from 4th to 7th are assigned for in patient area with capacity of 64 beds ( 16 beds in each floor supported with complete nursing stations system Inpatient areas above are supported with complete catering and nutrition service that could serve more than 400 meals per day. Rooms are also well furnished and fitted with internet , TV. Tel.system and nursing calling system

Appointments Clinics

Emergency: Over the twenty-four hours (24 h)

Other Departments: From eight am (8 am) to twelve pm (12 pm)