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For better health
General Care Hospital 1 concerned with alternative medicine for health and treatment without drugs And harmful materials in order to enjoy the health and youthfulness with recipes natural alternative medicine Here are some simple medical advice to keep your health

Walking sport


Walking for 30 minutes a day protects against:
– Heart disease
– Fats
– Pressure
– Sugar
– Osteoporosis
– Depression
– Sleep disorder
– Diseases of the joints
– Obesity
– Skin aging

Strengthen eyesight


Impaired vision caused by hereditary but misuse of the eyes also cause visual impairment, such as continuing to stare at computer screens, and to mitigate this problem, you can do this simple exercise after each hour, take a deep breath and shut your eyes, and then blow the air and chronicled all your muscles Repeat this exercise and feel that the strain on your eyes may gradually Say

Vegetables and fruit



– Vegetables and fruits are considered one of the few content calorie foods It also contains no fat, that is, when ingested, they do not cause obesity Which makes them very useful in diets used to reduce weight, And eating fruits and vegetables consistently

– maintains the health and agility of the body . Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin “C” is necessary to protect the body from disease,and vitamins “B” vehicle such as vitamin “B-12”, which significantly contributes to the prevention of anemia,vitamin “A” is very important to keep the vision health,and works to strengthen eyesight.