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medical doctor comforting senior patient

Responsibilities and rights of the patient

 Patient's Responibilities You have the responsibility to deal…

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Medical Services

Internal Medicine  - Gastroenterology - Endocrinology - Nephrology - Pulmonology - Rheumatology - Hematology…

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Medical Support Services

- Operating Rooms, Anesthesia & ICU All types…

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For better health

Walking sport Walking for 30 minutes a day…

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About Us

Our belief in entitlement rights in the treatment been interested in the human side of the business side. General care hospital provides the highest medical standards of care in all medical specialties, such as internal medicine, general surgery, cardiology, gynecology and childbirth, pediatric, nose, ear and throat, ophthalmology, urology and surgery, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, dental brain and neurology, dentistry, orthopedics ...... All medical departments supported by private pharmacy along with the latest tools and diagnostic laboratories Doctors and nurses Consultants, and a high degree of training and experience to…

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